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Climbing Holds with Scandinavian Touch

Kitka is a climbing holds company based in northern Finland. Around here we’ve got reindeers, northern lights, and very long & dark winters. It’s a perfect environment for indoor climbing.

Kitka holds are shaped with minimalistic and functional Scandinavian design, with a special focus on ergonomics. Everything we put onto a hold is there to be grabbed. Add a little bit of chalk, and you’re good to go.

Big dual texture holds

These holds are most have holds in modern climbing gym. Stylish big dual texture holds with medium difficulty.

Ergonomic Jugs

What's better than a good handful? We've got them in a few product families - here are the Dimple family members listed. Available in both polyurethan (PU) and polyester (PE).

Half Dome

Named after the infamous routes in Yosemite National Park, the Half Dome set has something to offer for everyone. The Big Chill is our largest hold, and there are lots of mid-rangers that can be used on walls of many angles.

For Modern Bouldering

Many boulder gyms are looking for eye-catching and versatile shapes. Here's our much-loved set - the Space family!

Very small foot holds

We've been asked over and over again to shape very small foot holds that are in fact so bad that the can't be used as hand holds. Check out the Nano Feet of the Scandinavia family.

Ps. Despite trying our best, we've seen these used as hand holds on slabs...

Granite Texture

Our roots lie in the Finnish woods and granite blocks there. We mimicked the grippy surface texture and crimp-style edges in the Granite family, which is a large set of 70 PU holds in total.

Geometric Shapes

Ever been lost on a big wall route? Ever needed signposts to direct climbers on indoor walls? Geometric shapes are great for this plus they fit hands of many sizes!

Five Principles Of Setting

In this blog series Tuomo Lankinen shares his thoughts on route setting. Tuomo is the owner of the BoulderSaimaa climbing centre and head route setter.

Tips for route setting

Route setting isn’t just bolting the climbing holds to walls. Good routes challenge climber’s physique and brain and also teach climbing techniques in a natural way. Whether you’re just starting out, or already had some experience, here are some helpful tips for route setting.

Setting for competitions

Routesetting in competitions is super hard work! You can’t really prevent skin from tearing up. There are so many problems to set and even more moves to do.