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Tips for Route Setting: How to Build Gym Favourites & Avoid Common Mistakes
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Route setting isn´t easy. Every route setter knows that it is hard work and needs dedication. Setting isn´t just bolting the climbing holds to walls. Setting routes can be described as a form of art. Good routes challenge climber’s physique … Read More

Finnish Bouldering Cup with Anssi Venho — Routesetting in Competitions
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Original interview in Finnish by Tuomo Lankinen, www.bouldersaimaa.fi Routesetting in competitions is super hard work! You can’t really prevent skin from tearing up. There are so many problems to set and even more moves to do. Well planned routes or boulder … Read More

Searching For Doseth – The Dark Art of Crack Climbing
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Tapio Alhonsuo tells how Hans Christian Doseth has influenced his climbing. Doseth’s routes had played a big part in my slow progress of learning the dark art of crack climbing, and I celebrated every time when I was successful with his routes. I … Read More