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Granite Feet – Mini (PE)

Yet another set of foot holds that seem to be popular also as hand holds. They are excellent foot holds nonetheless.

Hold Count: 10

Size: feet / XS

Style: feet, edge

Difficulty: moderate / hard

Weight: 0,58 kg

Mounting: bolt

Material: PE


Groovy Bundle (PE)

All the holds of Groovy product family. A good set for setting competition routes or training walls. Includes the following sets:
– 2 x Groovy slopers Big (PE)
– 2 x Groovy slopers Medium (PE)
– Groovy edges Medium (PE)
– Groovy edges small (PE)

Hold Count: 48

Size: small – Mega

Style: edge, crimp, slope

Difficulty: moderate – hard

Weight: 18.3 kg

Mounting: bolt, screws

Material: PE