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Kitka - Dimple Bundle-001
Dimple Bundle (PE)

Dimple Bundle PE Includes all the holds of the Dimple family, 74 holds in total. Dimple holds are easy and very ergonomic holds. The bundle include holds from easy feet holds to mega sized two hand jugs.



Hold Count: 74

Size: foot – MEGA

Style: jug

Difficulty: Easy

Weight: 71 kg

Mounting: bolt & screws

Material: PE

Granite Bundle (PE)

Includes all the holds of Granite PE product family. A perfect set for setting routes of easy/moderate difficulty. Includes the following sets: Granite big sticks (PE), Granite Plates (PE), Granite edges – L (PE), Granite incuts (PE, Granite rocks (PE), Granite pinches (PE), Granite edges (PE), Granite feet mini (PE).

Hold Count: 58

Size: feet – XL

Style: feet, edge, pinch, in-cuts

Difficulty: easy – hard

Weight: 26,22 kg

Mounting: bolt

Material: PE

Groovy Bundle (PE)

All the holds of Groovy product family. A good set for setting competition routes or training walls. Includes the following sets:
– 2 x Groovy slopers Big (PE)
– 2 x Groovy slopers Medium (PE)
– Groovy edges Medium (PE)
– Groovy edges small (PE)

Hold Count: 48

Size: small – Mega

Style: edge, crimp, slope

Difficulty: moderate – hard

Weight: 18.3 kg

Mounting: bolt, screws

Material: PE

Scandi Bundle – All (PE)

A lot of holds with just one click. Includes the following sets: Fat pinches, Scandi Ergo jugs mega, Scandi jugs mega, Scandi Two hand jugs, Scandi jugs L, Scandi jugs M, Scandi pinches L, Scandi pinches M, Scandi round, Scandi round edges, Scandi feet mini. Enough for two routes or bunch of boulders.

Hold Count: 83

Size: feet – Mega

Style: feet, edge, jugs, pinch, in-cuts, slope

Difficulty: easy – hard

Weight: 54,6 kg

Mounting: bolt, screws

Material: PE

Scandi Bundle Easy (PE)

Includes the following sets: Scandi Ergo Jugs Mega,Scandi jugs Mega, Scandi Two Hand jugs. Scandi jugs L, Scandi jugs M, Scandi pinches L, Scandi pinches M, Scandi feet mini. Enough to set a 20m long route.

Hold Count: 68

Size: feet – Mega

Style: feet, jugs, pinch, edges

Difficulty: easy – medium

Weight: 41,5 kg

Mounting: bolt, screws

Material: PE