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Finnish Bouldering Cup with Anssi Venho — Routesetting in Competitions

Original interview in Finnish by Tuomo Lankinen, www.bouldersaimaa.fi Routesetting in competitions is super hard work! You can’t really prevent skin from tearing up. There are so many problems to set and even more moves to do. Well planned routes or boulder problems form the basis of any competition. The best competition problems push the competitors to …

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Boulder League Brought the Gyms Together

Text: Lari Malmberg (Translation: Jouni @ Kitka) ”Well I was a bit annoyed”, starts Janne Sievänen, who runs a climbing center in Tampere. He had noted that, along with the climbing boom, there are so many gyms in Finland that the competitions everyone was organising individually had begun to overlap. First he wanted to sketch …

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