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Ice Cubes (PU)

Versatile holds that can be used as hand holds or foot holds.

Hold Count: 10

Size: XS-S

Style: edge

Difficulty: moderate

Weight: 0,70 kg

Mounting: bolt

Material: PU

Three Way – Big (PU)

Long slouping edges/pinches. One of our favourite sets!

Hold Count: 5

Size: Medium – X-large
Weight: 2,62 kg
Style: edge, pinch
Difficulty: medium
Hollowback: no
Mounting: bolt, screw
Material: PU

Valentine´s (PU)

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this! Set a boulder route with 6 bolt-on holds and 3 screw-on holds.

Hold Count: 9
Size: feet – XL
Weight: 2,7 kg
Style: edge, slopers, foot holds.
Difficulty: moderate/hard
Hollowback: no
Mounting: bolt, screw
Material: PU