Slicks 014

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Slicks 014 are small screw-on footholds with great looking matt dual texture!  The dual texture goes over the edge of the hold so you have to be precise with your feet. They are also great crimps that need precise finger placement!

The Slicks family holds are medium difficulty holds that allow setting medium grade boulders on moderate angle walls. Difficult on steeper walls. All the holds, even the largest ones, are quite low profile so they work well on slabs as well. All the holds can be mounted with screws only. All screw holes are perpendicular to the base of the holds, so you won’t chip the walls.


Hold Count: 10

Size: small

Style: Screw-on feet / crimps

Difficulty: Hard

Weight: 0,45 kg

Mounting: screws only

Material: PU Dannomond

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